We travel throughout the Northwest North Carolina handling personal injury cases from car wrecks, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and wrongful death. We pride ourselves on accessibility to our clients and ability to problem solve to enforce and protect the legal rights of his clients.

It is common to see us in the community visiting with our clients at their homes, hospitals, places of employment, restaurants, businesses, and other locations. In this day of specialization and technology, “House Calls” for most attorneys are more the exception than the rule. Many attorneys see the concept of leaving the office to meet with a new client as an imposition and a waste of time. We, on the other hand, sees the “House Call” as an opportunity to get another client and promote the client service part of his practice.

Here the 7 Reasons Why Northstate Auto Law makes “House Calls” to meet with clients outside of law office locations:

1. Client Convenience
That’s right. The number one reason that we makes “House Calls” is client convenience. We know that he works at the direction and on behalf of the client. If the client is unable to visit our office, we will meet with them at the client’s home or another location. Plain and simple, Northstate Auto Law serves the interests and needs of our clients.

2. Getting to Know the Client
One great way to get to know a client is to visit with the client at their home or place of work. We find it interesting to see where the client lives and works. It immediately allows us to gain insight into the client’s lifestyle, hobbies, interests, and family.

3. Comfort Level of the Client
Many clients are uncomfortable meeting with an attorney at his office. For some, it can be quite intimidating. A client is most at ease when the client is sitting at the kitchen table or no the sofa in the living room. Meeting with a client through a “House Call” can alleviate some of the stress of meeting with an attorney not to mention the stress of dealing with the challenges due to a personal injury.

4. Child Care
Many clients are unable to meet with an attorney right away due to child care issues. It can be quite a hassle bringing young children into a law office so that mom or dad can meet with an attorney. If child care is an issue, it may be easiest and most convenient for the client for Northstate Auto Law to provide a “House Call”.

5. Convenience of Our Lead Lawyer, Rodney Caudill
Because Rodney is out and about in the community on a daily basis (as he hates the confines of the office too!), it is sometimes easier for Rodney to meet with a client for a “House Call”.

6. Timing
If life, it can be all about timing. The schedule a client can be quite demanding especially in the aftermath of an automobile accident or other personal injury incident. “House Calls” can be arranged due to the family related demands and work related demands of the client.

7. Right Thing To Do
Injury victims can be immobilized and quite stressed out by all of the complications and problems brought on due to the accident, crash, or incident. Northstate Auto Law takes prides in how we have molded our practice and work day to meet the needs of his clients.

Contact Northstate Auto Law today to schedule a Free Consultation and “House Call” to discuss your personal injury claim or case. We will take the time to explain your rights and potential courses of action.