We Work For YOU! Here's How!

It’s our Number 1 Priority…to get the best possible outcome for YOU!  We treat people the only way we know how…professionally and fairly…even the medical providers and insurance companies.  And that’s why we have such success negotiating fair settlements for our clients. Here’s what we offer you…


  • Decades of combined legal and insurance experience

  • Personal attention and professional representation

  • Free legal consultation and 20% commission which is lower than most other firms

  • Home visits vs. office if that’s what you’re most comfortable doing

  • All insurance, doctor and hospital red tape handled so you can heal

  • Resolution, not lawsuits.  Most cases we handle never go to court.


Don’t miss out on what you deserve.  Don’t be intimidated by larger firms who may think your case is too small…or too minor…or too insignificant.  If it’s significant to you, it’s significant to us.  We’ll work hard to get you a fair settlement, regardless of how big or small your accident was.  We’ll communicate with you constantly throughout the process and take care of all the details so you don’t have to.  How does this sound?


  • We’ll answer any question you have and return any and all phone calls right away.  When you hire us, you’ll have access to us anytime you need us.

  • While other firms require the clients to provide their medical records, billing statements and insurance correspondence, we’ll reach out to get all of these documents so you don’t have to worry about providing a thing.

  • We’ll send letters to all medical providers and insurance companies notifying them of our representation so you’ll receive no harassing phone calls.

  • Our operating hours are flexible.  We understand that people work and can’t always take time off to meet 9-5.  We’ll meet you after regular work hours, visit you in your home and contact you via emails or texts if phone calls are difficult to take during the workday.

  • And as simple as this sounds, we want every client to feel as though they’re our number one priority. Don’t ever hesitate calling, no matter how small your question is.


Let us work for YOU.  We’ll work to make sure the costs of your injuries are not overlooked or underestimated. Having a partner during this time will not only lessen the stress, but could increase your settlement  3 ½ times when represented by a lawyer! (2004 Insurance Research Council study).  Take the next step to getting the help you need.  We’d be honored to be your choice.

About Us

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Rodney Caudill


Christy Blevins

Case Manager


Proud to Work for the People of Northwest North Carolina

I can’t think of a better place to live and work than right here where I grew up, attended school and took the first step in my career to work with and protect the people who live in Northwest North Carolina.  I’m Rodney Caudill and along with my case manager Christy Blevins, we are Northstate Auto Law, a small firm with a big reputation for honesty and fairness.  We pride ourselves in giving each of our clients the time and personal attention they deserve and we’re good at what we do because it’s all we do…auto law.


As an attorney, my perspective is a little different because my career journey was a little different. Before becoming an attorney, I worked in law enforcement and then in the insurance industry. I realized one day that the people I dealt with desperately needed an advocate when dealing with one of the most stressful and frustrating times in their lives…the aftermath of an auto accident. They need a helping hand navigating the process and a partner they can trust to be their voice.

In an industry that many are skeptical of, our greatest satisfaction at Northstate Auto Law comes from clients who know we have their best interest at heart, who feel respected and who know we’ve done everything in our power to resolve their claims fairly, often without even having to go to court. 

We’d be proud to work for you…to minimize the anxiety of hiring an attorney and to resolve your claims fairly and as quickly as possible. ​


When We’re Not Working…

Christy and I both grew up in Wilkes County and graduated from North Wilkes High School.   We also both earned Associates Degrees from Wilkes Community College before moving on to further our education and begin our careers.  Over time, our paths eventually led us to where we are today, working together at Northstate Auto Law.

After spending a few years in Charlotte and Fort Worth, my wife Sabrina and I came home to be close to and care for family.  As they say, sometimes you don’t know what you have until you lose it and living away from Northwest North Carolina gave me a new appreciation for what we have in this area of the country.  We feel blessed to be back where we are heavily involved in our church life, volunteer with Samaritans Kitchen and are happy parents to our two canine “kids” Teddy and Coco.

Christy joined me at Northstate Auto Law with a wealth of insurance industry certifications and experience.  She holds a NC Department of Insurance Producer’s License in the lines of Life, Accident and Health or sickness, Property and Casualty Insurance.  She continues to maintain these licenses through continuous education and certifications.   Outside of work, you'll find Christy hiking the trails at Stone Mountain, or camping at W. Kerr Scott Lake.