Car Wrecks


Representing those injured in auto accidents is our main focus – giving us the reputation of being North Carolina’s “car wreck attorneys.”


Armed with extensive legal knowledge and experience of insurance company processes, we work with grit and determination to ensure that you receive full compensation for any and all of the damages caused by a negligent driver.


We fight for compensation for the following:

· Property damage
· Medical expenses
· Future medical treatment and care
· Lost wages
· Loss of future potential earnings
· Emotional trauma
· Pain and suffering
· Funeral costs ( in accidents where wrongful death can be proven)


Don’t go through this process alone. You deserve an experienced advocate on your side. See the insurance companies have experienced professionals protecting their interest, you should too.


Get what you deserve and pay less out-of-pocket fees with a knowledgeable legal representative. At Northstate Auto Law, we want to help you seek full compensation. Contact our team now.​