"Rodney expressed himself very clearly and explained everything to me so I’d understand.  Even when he had to tell me I had made some wrong steps in the process, I knew he was trying to help me, not make me feel bad.  He just wanted to make sure if I was ever in this situation again, that I would know exactly how to handle things from the start."

- Helen

Don't be intimidated by firms who may think your case is too small...or too minor...or too insignificant.

If it's significant to you, it's significant to us.

Through a dedicated focus to helping of auto accidents restore their lives after a wreck we are "The Car Wreck Lawyers". Whether the collision was caused by a drunk driver, an inattentive or inexperienced driver, an inept or badly trained commercial truck driver or incapable motorcycle driver, you deserve to be compensated for your personal injuries and damage to your personal property.


Our combined half-century of legal and insurance industry experience mean only one thing to you - fair and professional representation that seeks the best possible outcome in your case. Schedule your free legal consultation with our team now.

Cases We Can Handle

Car Wrecks

Worried…Angry…Overwhelmed?  Afraid to hire a lawyer because all attorneys want to file lawsuits?  Not our priority and never our goal.  In fact, most of our cases are resolved without ever having to go to court. When we work for you, you’re not alone. 

Truck Wrecks

Too many trucks, not enough road. Crashes with commercial vehicles often lead to significant damage and at times, significant injuries.  We know how to work for you against insurance companies and attorneys representing commercial trucking fleets. 

Pedestrian Hit by A Car

Your worst nightmare…being hit by a car.  While you focus on healing, we’ll handle all of the red tape from the insurance companies and medical providers.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle riders love the ride but hate the challenges and dangers of the road.  When irresponsible or inattentive drivers cause an accident, you need someone who understands your legal right to seek compensation. 


Any accident is awful.  But an accident with an individual who’s underinsured or not insured at all, is even worse.  You’re not alone.  Our decades of experience mean we know how to fight for your fair settlement, even with the uninsured.