Motorcycle Wrecks


As experienced personal injury lawyers serving North Wilkesboro, we believe that riders experience daily challenges that other motor vehicle drivers just don’t understand. Vulnerable to the dangers of the road, motorcycle riders need someone to fight for them in a way that proves an understanding of those dangers and challenges. We’re that someone.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident due to the neglect or oversight of an inattentive or inexperienced driver, you have a legal right to seek full compensation under the law. As North Carolina’s premier motorcycle accident attorneys, we represent your claim to the insurance companies and fight until we’ve obtained the best possible outcome for you and your motorcycle crash case.


We fight for compensation for the following:

· Property damage
· Medical expenses
· Future medical treatment and care
· Lost wages
· Loss of future potential earnings
· Emotional trauma
· Pain and suffering
· Funeral costs (in accidents where wrongful death can be proven)

Discover the difference having a professional on your side can truly make by contacting our team of motorcycle attorneys now. We offer free consultations and competitive rates, saving you money throughout your case.