Pedestrian Hit By A Car


It’s not likely that if, as a pedestrian, you were hit by any type of motor vehicle that you came out on the winning end of that collision. With the potential to cause life-changing injuries, pedestrian/vehicle accidents often end badly for those walking.


We’ve established ourselves as being both reliable and trustworthy. Combining years of experience with a commitment to each individual client and their goals, we work to ensure your total compensation for damages caused to you by a neglectful, drunk or inattentive driver. Whatever the reason for the accident, if the driver of the vehicle is to blame for the event, we can work to hold that person responsible.

We’ll work to make sure you get compensation for the following:

· Medical expenses
· Future medical treatment and care
· Lost wages
· Loss of future potential earnings
· Emotional trauma
· Pain and suffering
· Funeral costs ( in accidents where wrongful death can be proven)


Don’t fight this alone. You deserve experienced and committed representation. At Northstate Auto Law, we can’t guarantee any specific results but we can promise aggressive, knowledgeable legal advocacy at affordable rates. Contact us now.