"I had never been through something this stressful. Once I hired Northstate Auto Law, it was like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders! Rodney and his case manager Christy were fully and completely competent…they just took my case and ran with it!  Almost immediately, the anxiety went away! I just can’t tell you how wonderful and stress-free the experience was once I started working with Northstate Auto Law!"


- Lynn

"They were always punctual and told me to call them any time I needed help or just had a question. They were always there when I needed them. I’m very pleased with how they represented me and how they treated me."


- Van

"Rodney and Christy at Northstate were the most honest, upfront people. They really stayed on top of my case.  Anytime I had questions, they had answers…every time. I promise you, without a doubt, they were a huge help to me. I could not have asked for a better experience. They are good people…that’s the real story about them!"


- Charles

"I was comfortable right away because they came by to talk to me here at home. They handled every bit of my paperwork and even handled phone calls I was getting. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. I’d recommend them to everybody because I know they’ll treat you right."


- Helen

"They were the most wonderful people. They always made me feel I was their most important client. They were just amazing! They were always prompt when I needed them and they knew the answer to all my questions. They took care of it all…the paperwork, the doctors’ bills, all of it.  I never had to worry about a thing. They just kept telling me they’d take care of it."


- Dale