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Northstate Auto Law.

Truck Wrecks

Have You Been In A Truck Wreck?

Collisions with commercial vehicles often cause extensive damage and, too often, catastrophic injuries. The size and weight of these vehicles make other drivers vulnerable to extensive injury when involved in a collision. At Northstate Auto Law, we’re known as North Wilkesboro’s go-to car wreck lawyers for a reason – we’ve got the experience and knowledge to represent you in your fight for full and just compensation. You deserve to be paid for your injuries and we can help.

​With decades of experience fighting the insurance companies and attorneys that represent commercial trucking fleets, we’ve helped victims avoid the pitfalls of dealing with these companies. If you’ve been involved in a wreck with a commercial truck or transportation vehicle such as public buses, it is imperative that you call us immediately. Our team of legal experts will handle all the aspects of your case with honesty, hard work and determination, getting you the compensation you legally deserve.

Our base rate is 25% percent fee rate, rather than the typical 33 percent, we are North Carolina’s fair and reliable auto law firm.

Rodney Caudill, Esq.

Call Now For A Free Case Evaluation
(336) 999-0944

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