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Hope And Help After A Drunk Driving Accident

Getting hit by a drunk driver is more than just an injustice. It’s a tragedy that can turn every aspect of your life upside-down.

At Northstate Auto Law, I help victims of drunk drivers get compensation and justice. I’m attorney Rodney Caudill. I have nearly a decade of experience helping people who have been in motor vehicle accidents. If you or a loved one was injured in a drunk driving accident, you can count on me as your legal champion.

You need a strong advocate who will hold the right parties accountable. I will work hard to get you the money you deserve.

Who To Sue After A Drunk Driving Crash

The drunk driver is legally responsible for the harm you suffered. I can help you file a claim against them.

In some cases, other parties might also be on the hook. For example, if a bar, restaurant or other establishment continued to serve the driver alcohol even after they were intoxicated, you might have a lawsuit against that establishment. I can evaluate your options to ensure that you get maximum compensation.

What Kinds Of Compensation Can You Get For A Drunk Driving Case?

As with other car crashes in North Carolina, you can pursue compensation for:

  • Your injuries, including medical bills and future care costs
  • Your missed work due to the crash
  • Your lasting disabilities and any disfigurement
  • Your pain and suffering

Additionally, in drunk driving cases, you can ask for punitive damages. This is an additional sum of money that’s meant to punish the drunk driver.

What If The Drunk Driver Didn’t Have Insurance?

If the drunk driver didn’t have insurance, you can pursue compensation through your own through an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim. I can help you with that. It’s important to have a lawyer on your side because dealing with insurance can be tricky in these situations.

Making You Whole Again

While nothing can undo the needless harm you’ve suffered, you deserve the most favorable result in getting compensation for your drunk driving accident case. I will work tirelessly to put the money that you deserve in your pocket.

To learn more about how I can help, please call my firm in Wilkesboro at 336-781-4606 or send me an email. I offer free case evaluations.