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Understanding What To Do After A Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a scary and unsettling experience. It’s something nobody can fully prepare you for. However, understanding what to do in advance can help you get through it.

At Northstate Auto Law in Wilkesboro, I’m committed to helping car wreck victims get the compensation they deserve. I’m attorney Rodney Caudill, the firm’s founder. I have nearly 30 years of experience working on car crash cases – first on the insurance side, and then for those who have been in crashes. I am here for you after the frightening ordeal of a car wreck.

Three Things To Remember

It’s easy to make missteps when it comes to the legal aspect of your car crash. By following these three tips for what to do after a car accident, you can avoid jeopardizing your rights and your case.

1. Call the police and stay until they arrive.

In any serious accident, or even a fender-bender, it’s important to get a police report. Law enforcement officers are trained to handle accident scenes. They can do the initial legwork of getting witness statements and contact info.

2. Get medical attention and follow up on all medical treatments.

Getting medical care is the top priority after a crash. Even if you don’t need medical attention at the accident scene, go get a thorough medical evaluation afterward. You might have serious injuries that don’t show up right away.

Make sure you follow up with your appointments and medical treatment. Doing so will not only help you with your recovery but also create a valuable record of medical documentation for your case.

3. Talk to a car crash lawyer BEFORE you talk to the insurance company.

Many people derail their case by saying too much to the insurance people. Fault is important in car crash cases. If you say anything that could remotely be interpreted as an admission of fault, you could face more roadblocks and end up missing out on significant compensation down the road.

Leave The Rest To Me

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